[FREE] Add WebPilot to Your GPTs

After 30-second setting, your GPTs can:

  • Open URL/file links directly

  • Use multiple search engines

  • Access all types of websites

  • Load dynamic web content

  • Provide enhanced answers

  • 【New】Generate very long content

Step 1

In the Config tab, scroll down and uncheck the “Web Browsing” option

Step 2

Click the [Add Action] button in the Action section

Step 3

Import from URL:


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WebPilot is one of

The Most Popular ChatGPT Plugin

The Most Popular

It’s awesome to see things built by individual devs / small teams among so many strong enterprise plugins.

Logan.GPT, Building Dev Rel @OpenAI


WebPilot Extension

WebPilot is a super easy tool that helps you chat and QA with any webpage. It can even help you with tasks like responding to emails, writing in forms, and solving quizzes

  • Super easy to use
  • Free and open-source
  • Freatured by Google Extension Store
  • Established Publisher in Google Extension Store

We Provide API Service

Try with WebPilot API, and power your AI tools!

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